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Custom Video Production Skyrockets Sales


Video Production: A custom designed business video can skyrocket your results in the search engines, gaining you an explosion of new business.

Video marketing has become wildly popular because it is one of the most powerful advertising methods available right now.

Consider this – in 2008, each month,  there were 1 billion video views online worldwide.

A few short years later, for one month, YouTube reported a whopping 5.1 billion views! That is a massive increase!

Video is one of the fastest growing marketing platforms we have ever seen and you need to get in on it fast!



Business owners I talk to are very excited about using video to promote their company but they are not sure where to start.

Echo Effects Marketing has put together a variety of different video production packages to help you promote your business.

Let our team of designers take care of producing an entertaining and information video showcasing your products and services.

We can even help you with a comprehensive video marketing campaign to ensure the best exposure.

Here are the video services we offer:

  • Complete Video Campaign
  • Voice Over
  • Script
  • Video Animation
  • Unlimited Revision
  • Each Additional Minute
  • Video Campaign Setup Fee
  • *New* Whiteboard Animation
  • *New* Template Video Creation


As you can see from the list above, we provide simple template video creation to more sophisticated whiteboard as well as custom voice over and video animation.

Call today for a free video production consultation to access your needs. 1-800-482-5797 or click here to contact us.

Our Business Builds Your Business

Video Creation & Promotion

SEO Team


Search Engine Optimization Tactics

SEO Process:

Website Analysis: We begin by determining where your business web site stands in the search engine ranking pages (SERP’s), your page rank as well as where your existing traffic is coming from. It is also important to know the number of pages you have indexed as well as how many links you have to those pages. Additionally, we will identify how well your website is optimized for top search engine rankings.

Keyword Research and Analysis: Many businesses skip this very critical step in their business development. They take the shotgun approach to getting their site ranked. Our Albuquerque Search Engine Optimization team performs extensive research to discover profit producing keywords that helps you fast track your business growth. Our team will identify competition levels of each keyword and reveal which are best used for advertising (pay-per-click) and which are best for on page SEO.

On-Page Optimization: Once our team has determined the most effective keywords to target for the search engines, we will be able to place them on the proper pages in the correct way. When this is done right you will see your site shoot to the top of the organic search on Google, Bing, as well as other search engines.

In addition, we will improve your page titles, anchor text, content, alt tags, images with the appropriate layout. We will also update your sitemap and or 301 redirect.


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Off-site Optimization: Once we have completed the task of on page optimization we will begin the final stage. This includes getting quality back-links from other related sites linking back to your business website.

The more quality back-links you have pointing to your site the better your site will rank.

We do not use one-way paid links because according to Matt Cutts, (one of Googles top engineers), one way links are cause for penalty  and are rapidly becoming obsolete.

If you want to read more about why paid one way links don’t work, click  paid one-way links.

Monitoring & Management: Just like any other part of your business, your website needs to be monitored and taken care of. During this phase our Albuquerque Seo team will continually analyze your status in the SERP’s as well as reporting any changes or action needed to help your site continue to thrive.

Business owners rely on us to gather the data, interpret it and take action. We keep you in the loop and help you understand what needs to be done to rank high in the search engines.

It’s easier to list our generic process than it is to do, but it helps that we have a set step-by-step system in place to follow. We can apply this system to your website and ensure that your website not only looks good, but rank high in the search engines.


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            Basic SEO

  • Keyword Research & Analysis
  • 6 Unique Articles Every Month
  • Local Directory Services
  • Marketing, Management and Reporting
  • Setup Fee


Advanced SEO

  • Keyword Research & Analysis
  • 16 Unique Articles Every Month
  • Local Directory Services
  • Social Media Services
  • Video Creation Campaign
  • Template Video Creation


Simply request a free analysis from our  Albuquerque Search Engine Optimization team by calling our toll free number (1-800-482-5797) and we’ll give you a free consultation  to help you understand the data we gather and begin a project that will make you more money.


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Our Business Builds Your Business

Search Engine Optimization Basic & Advanced

web design services


 Echo Effects Marketing Custom Website Design Services


If you are looking for a website that converts visitors into customers, helps you rank well on the search engines, getting you more traffic online and locally then read on and I will tell you a little more about what we can do to help your business.

We have a unique and proven approach in designing websites. We make sure your new website is SEO optimized for the search engines and it will be memorable, standing out from the crowd as well as being user friendly.

Our team of web designers has years of experience creating simple and complex graphics as well as setting up many different types of websites from traditional business sites to more complex e-commerce store sites.

Listed below are a few of the more popular design packages to fit your needs.

  • Custom Graphics/Logo Design – This package includes a full design customization. This can include an initial theme with header and new logo. We can do a redesign from scratch but the design is based on the original layout of the theme you have selected. A mobile compatible design layout would also be included.
  • Integration of Graphics Into Actual Site – This is where we integrate the custom designed site into WordPress or Joomla (we prefer WP). It will have featured gallery (if one was designed), widget spaces to easily update content in sidebar, footer, header, etc, etc. This includes making your website mobile compatible, adding/editing/transferring content to your website.


Basic Website

  • WP Basic Theme – It just means you’re picking out a theme and using exactly that. No graphic changes would be done and you will be supplied with a standard “text” logo. Included in this service though are the creation of up to 7 pages; I.E. Home, About, Services, Contact, Gallery, etc. Content must be provided in a text document, PDF or via this project manager directly.
  • Include Mobile Optimized – By enabling this option, you will be able to select a theme that is already mobile optimized.



Optional Services

  • Content changes are limited to copying content from original site to the new one. We can make simple spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Technical changes refer to custom coding or modification to Javascript, HTML and CSS. These are the simple web programming languages.
  • Development coding is extended to the more difficult coding such as PHP/MySQL, AJAX, .NET, JSP, Ruby… like building mobile apps or browser apps.


Mobile Website:


The website will be PHP based and not WordPress based.

Have up to 7 pages, such as:

  • Home
  • About
  • Contact
  • Services
  • Portfolio
  • Gallery
  • Testimonials
  • Call Us
  • Find Us
  • Client can be provided with a hosting account that is enough to host a mobile website at 20 MB maximum.
  • The photo gallery would include small thumbnail and ability to expand image size to see large image so even a phone can display clearly.


Blog Integration
  • Some customers will want to keep their existing design. That’s fine.
  • We could integrate your existing HTML or a pre-designed PSD website into a WordPress theme.
  • This does NOT include keyword research or on-page optimization. You can purchase other options from the Webmaster Services package.
  • We can integrate website into WordPress or Joomla (we prefer WP). It will have featured gallery (if one was designed or requested), widget spaces to easily update content in sidebar, footer, header, etc, etc.
  • This includes making your website mobile compatible, adding/editing/transferring content (up to 30 pages) to your new website.


Full Ecommerce Integration
  • By adding this service, it will provide the fundamentals of your ecommerce store, whether it be osCommerce, ZenCart or Magento.
  • This will have everything you need to run a successful ecommerce website.
  • Recommended for those anticipating 100+ products. Additional coding and graphic changes requires an additional hourly charge.


The end result for your business is a constant flow of satisfied customers, repeat business and referrals, referrals, referrals.

If you need search engine traffic, a website that appeals to new and existing clients, sales copy that converts well for less than half the price of what our competitors charge, with double the value, then give us a call 1-800-482-5797

– email – or try our free website grader –




Our Business Builds Your Business

Web Design Services

Social Media Starter Kit 500x310

Our Business Builds Your Business

Social Media Starter Kits

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Discover How Media Placement Services Can Help Your Business


I’m about to show you how to become a cited expert in the major media, and how to leverage this authority into standing out from the crowd fast.

Everyone knows in this competitive economy, you need to stand out in your field.

To do this, get cited in the major media. Do this to get hired, for someone to do business with you, or for promotional opportunities for authors.

You do this with trust…trusted media networks like ABC, NBC, FOX and CBS. You borrow that trust when you are cited in the major media.

Mission – Create Authority with Media Citations

Media endorses us, because they know this works. Media Authority is what it takes to build trust.

Cofounded with Top Recommended professional – they accept nominations, and are building a list of the top professionals in every industry!

Negotiated partnerships with the major media sites to get his clients/authors listed.




They believe it is newsworthy and worth citing.

You are quoted in the media, and linked back to your site or Linkedin profile page.

You will be become a quoted expert in the major media.

You are now seen as the expert in your field and the person to go to.

It brings exposure for you and your business or book.

Now you will be able to use your logos in your resume as well as profiles on LinkedIn and stand out in the search results!

No one else has this … you need this because of the competition out there.

Our Business Builds Your Business

Media Placement Services


Video Creation & Promotion

Video is a Popular Marketing Method –   Video is fast becoming the most popular marking method for local and online


Social Site Starter Kits/Maintenance

                   Social Sites Account   Don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account setup just yet?    


Local Marketing Lead System

Now You Too Can Acquire New Customers Just By Using Social Media     Use the Power of Social Media to Generate Local




Echo Effects Marketing is a web development, mobile & social marketing consultant as well as a video creation company that helps you build your online business and increase your bottom line. Branding is great, but we focus on putting more money in your pocket with business growth and customer acquisition.

The proprietary methods we use establish a presence for your business on Facebook, Twitter,YouTube as well as other social sites increasing the viral effect from those platforms with ongoing videos, articles, tips, pictures, contests, surveys as well as coupons that relate to your business.

New and existing customers are visiting your site on a regular basis and sharing your sites information with their friends. This method ‘Echo’s’ your message across cyberspace bringing you more and more business growth.

Just like an ‘echo’ in the canyon reaches farther than you can image, Echo Effects Marketing is here to make sure your business message is heard far and wide.


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